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"Adamà", creative workshop


With joy and enthusiasm we offer our visitors and customers of the online store "Piter-PM" section "Christian miniature", which presents the wonderful works of the St. Petersburg Workshop of Christian tin miniatures "Adamà".

The tradition of Christian sculpture goes back to the first centuries of Christianity, when sculptures and high reliefs depicted Christ as the Good Shepherd, Christ with his disciples, the mother of God and the saints. In the Sacred history of the old Testament, as we know, there were sculptural images of cherubim over the Ark of the Covenant and temple sculptural images of copper.

In the Orthodox tradition, sculptures were much less common than icons. Nevertheless, sculpture, and, in particular, miniature-as a kind of sculptural image, it can serve not only as an ornament, but also a means of directing the thoughts and feelings of man to the Creator.

Look at these works. They warm the hands and hearts of masters. This is what is so often lacking in our world today. These miniatures are like small lamps, which with their light and warmth remind us in the daily bustle of the true purpose of our life, of Love and Faith.

Each miniature is a combination of an iconographic image and a three-dimensional figure, filled With the idea of the Master. The simplicity of the figure directs the imagination into the depth, and then you can see the Plan, the biblical parable come to life, feel the movement and gesture, feel the state.

The creators of these works have a living knowledge of Christianity, history and the arts.

In the Workshop "Adamà" miniatures are made of tin and subjected to surface treatment in various ways. It can be blackening on tin, silvering, painting under a bone, art or exclusive painting.

The Masters say: "The Christian tin miniature is a world of mysterious transformation of silver tin alloy into beautiful images reminding us of the joy of the meaning of life".

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