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Andrey Skvortsov, the head of Sineus-Studio, has been making tin miniatures since 1989. Since then, these works are known not only in St. Petersburg, but also around the world. They order from different places in Russia, and from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Andrey is convinced that the masters of miniatures in Saint Petersburg make up a separate" St. Petersburg " school. The difference between St. Petersburg residents is their high specialization and well-coordinated team work of masters. Sculptor, artist, caster-each performs their work according to the profile, taking into account the wishes, opinions and requirements of colleagues in the shop. The figure is created as a product of teamwork. The miniature appears in volume - unlike other schools, where the product can be created from the beginning to the end by only one master.

Hence the usual name of workshops-studios in Saint Petersburg. Masters of different profiles are United around a leader who usually fully owns various specialties, and at the same time still has the talent of an organizer.

This is why the works of Sineus-Studio fully correspond to the motto: "Jewelry technologies with non-jewelry materials", as you can see by looking at the finished miniatures.

Among the products of the Studio of Andrey Skvortsov there are both individual figures and complex compositions of many figures and details – coaches, chariots, elephants; which is, without a doubt, an indicator of the highest skill. Historically accurate study of subjects, a high level of detail and matching proportions are required.

At various times, Sineus-Studio employs up to five miniature collectors and up to ten artists who paint figurines. All thumbnails are assembled using soldering technology. The quality of finishing products is divided into three categories – souvenir quality, "standard" and "elite". Each category has a different complexity of finishing, and, as a result, differs in price. New technologies are actively used to improve the quality of products: brass casting, electroplating, laser cutting and 3D printing.

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