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St. George The Victorious "The Power of Faith" В наличии

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Type of goods: Christian miniature
Subspecies of goods: m-re «Holy men»
Scale: 90 mm
Material: Tin
Personage time: IV century
Personage location: Roman empire
Finishing (Painting): Adama
Type of finishing (painting): Black tin
Sculptor: Anton Sadik
Stand: Timber
31 000 руб
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Made entirely by hand and processed by blackening on tin, the miniature depicts the Holy great-Martyr George the victorious – one of the most revered saints in the Christian world. This is a common theme in images and a favorite of the people – Saint George on a white horse, striking a serpent with a spear (for example, on the coat of arms of the city of Moscow). Filled with stunning dynamics, the miniature is a beautiful and symbolic gift, a wonderful home decoration and a collectible item.

According to legend, near the place where Saint George was born, near the city of Belit (modern Beirut), a large snake lived in the lake, which devoured people. The superstitious people of that region, in order to tame the rage of the voracious serpent, began from time to time to give him to eat by lot a young man or girl. Once the lot fell on the ruler's daughter, and she was tied up by the lake to pay for a snake. But then, by God's Providence, Saint George appeared and struck the serpent in the throat with his spear. Then the Saint ordered the maiden to bind the serpent with her belt, and lead it to the city, in front of all the inhabitants, so that they would believe in the Lord and be baptized – and so it happened.

Saint George the victorious is the patron Saint of the host and the patron Saint of the city of Moscow.

Complete set: miniature, packaging for transportation, description of the characters of the miniature, information about the procedure and terms of return of the product.

Miniature height: 220 mm.

Miniature weight: 1524 grams.

* - size for reference.


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