Россия, Санкт-Петербург

About us

The "Piter-PM" online store as a project was born in St. Petersburg (Russia). It is a large and beautiful city, full of history, culture and inhabited by wonderful people. Among these people there are stunning Masters of various arts, prominent Artists and Creators.

       We present their products to your attention in the online store - you can purchase various miniatures, dioramas and models, sometimes unique, sometimes quite simple, but always filled with the warmth of the hands of the Masters, capturing the Idea, Dream and retaining a spark of Inspiration.

       We cooperate with creative workshops, companies and masters of St. Petersburg and Russia in the field of selling miniatures, dioramas, models and related accessories; We offer for sale through the "Piter-PM" online store products that are in private collections; place orders for the manufacture of any kind of miniatures and models from the best Masters of St. Petersburg.

       Write to us and we will gladly consider your offer or help you place your order in the best way.