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Type of goods: Christian miniature
Subspecies of goods: m-re «Holy wives»
Scale: 64 mm
Material: Tin
Personage time: X century
Personage location: Kievan Rus
Finishing (Painting): Adama
Type of finishing (painting): Exclusive painting
Sculptor: Natalia Alekseeva
Stand: Tin
15 000 руб
plus shipping

Producer price.

Made entirely by hand and covered with exquisite exclusive paintings, the miniature depicts the Holy equal-to-the-apostles Princess Olga – one of the six women glorified by the Orthodox Church as equal-to-the-apostles (equal to the apostles in their works) in the history of Christianity.

Saint Olga has been called the "root of Orthodoxy" and "head of the faith" in the Russian land since ancient times. In 945, after the death of her husband, Olga ascended to the Kievan throne.

Her reign began with revenge for the Drevlyans ' murder of her husband. Returning to Kiev, the Princess began to rule her state consistently and wisely. By that time there were already Christian churches in Kiev, and Olga, taking into account the experience of the Byzantine Empire, which was based on Christianity, became interested in the new faith.

In 946, Olga visited Constantinople. The grandeur of the Christian city made a great impression on the Princess. And already in 955, she arrived in the capital of the Byzantine Empire to be baptized.

In the presence of the Emperor, the Patriarch baptized Princess Olga, saying prophetic words after the sacrament: "Blessed are you in the Russian wives, for you left the darkness and loved the Light. Russian sons will glorify you to the last generation!"

The Holy equal-to-the-apostles Princess Olga and her grandson, the Holy equal-to-the-apostles Prince Vladimir, became the spiritual parents of the Russian people.

Complete set: miniature, packaging for transportation, description of the miniature character, information about the procedure and terms of return of the product.

Thumbnail height: 75 mm.

Miniature weight: 154 grams.

* - size for reference.


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