Россия, Санкт-Петербург

Сreative workshop "Adamà"

We continue to fill the catalog and invite you to visit the section "Christian miniature", where you can look at miniatures of Saints, scenes from the old and New Testaments, original lamps, plaques and crosses.

The products of "Adamà" workshop are creatively filled with Christian symbols and are deeply meaningful in their content. Finishing miniatures can be exclusive, the thinnest – but then there is a high price. The same miniature, processed by a simple method, causes no less feelings, because the image awakens the imagination – and it can be purchased much cheaper.

The range of products and their variants is wide – come and see.

Visitors to the shop's trading floor come as to a museum – to admire the beauty. We would also like You to first experience the joy of contemplation when visiting our site.